Indonesian Independence Day Celebration in 2016

A country’s Independence Day is the most important day that must be celebrated by its people to
mark the glory of what the country has strived so far, and just like any other country, Indonesia is
many of the countries filled with glories to be told.

On that particular and significant date, Indonesian students unified in Monash University
Malaysia and was introduced by Eunoia’s president. He opened the event through a meaningful
speech and signifies the presence of solidarity within us Indonesian students. Succeeding the
speech, everyone commenced to proudly sing our very own national anthem as our flag was
hoisted to be spectated by everyone. For a moment there, everyone felt like they were home.
The real fun however, actually begins when the games session was started. Various Indonesian
traditional games were played by various students. The first game was called the Crackers Eating
Contest, where each players must eat as fast as they can the cracker that are being hanged by a
thread above their head, and the first player to finish the cracker wins. Players were jumping here
and there as their crackers are being eaten slowly.

Following the crackers eating contest, the second game was named Inserting the Pencil into the
Bottle. Though it may sound weird, that particular games has put players into exhaustion and
was very energetic. Players are basically tied with a rope across their hips and a pencil will be
hanging behind their backs from the rope. They must then run from a point to a bottle and must
do a squat slowly to insert their pencil into a bottle. That game was filled with laughter as
spectators see players are struggling and showing their effort to squat and insert the pencil.
Upon finishing the games and the fun, special performance was given by Monash Street Dance
Society to liven up to moment even more! Everyone had fun and joy on that moment. Dinner
then arrived and all gathered up in their tables to dine together and filled with togetherness. The
Dinner was accompanied by live music as well, performed by various performers. It was all very
peaceful and everyone felt serenity after all of the fun everyone experienced.

As the event was coming to an end, the President once more gave huge last words of gratitude of
how Eunoia’s debut event made everyone overjoyed and felt home again in a foreign country. To
end the day, everyone gathered up on the stage and take turns to take pictures along with
Indonesia’s flag. It ended beautifully and amazingly when literally everyone fits in the frame and
cheered “INDONESIA!” repeatedly before ending it with a thundering “MERDEKA!”, which
translates to “INDEPENDENT!”.

The event not only marks the birth of a family, but also marks of how everyone from diverse
regions and cities of Indonesia unified to embrace such solidarity even when all are away from
their own homeland. From the opening speech to the national anthem, followed by traditional
games, succeeded by dinner, and ended with a blast, the event truly represented of what
Indonesia is all about – UNITY IN DIVERSITY!